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Checking your Betslip or Betting Slip as you may call it is an inevitable part of placing bets and confirming results.

Whether you booked your bet online on a platform like 1xbet Nigeria so as to get a physical betslip on paper or did everything online, being able to check your betslip to know if you won or lost your bets always comes in handy especially when you aren’t able to follow the games you placed bets on due to one reason or the other.

The reason could be as simple as you being too busy to watch the live games or the games not being televised at all or maybe the online result portals don’t have results from the games covered.

In case you are new to the betting world and are a little curious about what information is on a regular betting slip. Here is what to expect:

Betslip ID: This is a reference number that is unique to your Betslip. Keep this number safe as it is usually the code your input before checking the state of your Betslip online.

User ID: This is the reference number tied to your account with the bookmaker.

Date:  The day you placed your bet

Type of Betslip: This indicates if your betslip is a single or multiple betslip type. A betslip is considered single when stakes are on a single game and multiple when stakes are spread through 2 or more games.

Games/Bets placed: This is a list of all the games you’ve placed bets on.

Stake: This is the total amount you put up to place your bet.

Total Odds: This is the number that when multiplied by your total stake equals to the amount you win.

Bonus: As the name implies, this is where any form of bonus applied to your betting slip is shown

Potential Winning: This is the total amount you could possibly win if your bets happen to be accurate.

Note: Every Bookmarker has its own unique way of presenting the information above and may decide to include or exclude some of the mentioned content but usually, they would be included.

How to Check Betslip on major Betting websites in Nigeria

To check betslip in Nigeria, you simply have to use your mobile device or computer to access the “betslip checker” link. After that, you put in the Betslip ID into a field that would be indicated and then you have your Betslip show up. Here is the Breakdown:

  • Visit the link of the Platform for which you would like to check betslip
  • You can find a list of links to betslip checker for major Bookmakers at the first section of this webpage
  • Some lead to the homepage, some lead to a unique page
  • Locate the section that asks you to input your Betslip I.D and type it in
  • Your Betslip should display now. This will let you know the status of the bets you’ve placed.